Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yep, I'm Still Out Here Meandering Across the USA!

So much has happened since I last blogged... first, if you want to see several articles about me and blogposts about previous travels, please pop on my previous blog at: http://lordandcurtiss.ws/sharingthejourney

My last blog (there) I relayed about where I had been and told an amazing story about a dog named Shila that my Papastzu Gabriel and I helped to rescue in the Boone NC area. A beautiful scared, sad, love-needy Australian Shepherd, that God used Gabriel and I, to help her find her home. But today... I want to bring you up to date about where we have been and what's going on now and where we are heading this week-end!

Where have we been since January? Well we started out wintering in and around the Charleston SC area. I am partial to the northern end, Mount Pleasant and the close-by Islands. Following are a few pics I captured there this winter. Sure hope you enjoy them.

Then we headed north and meandered up to Virginia to Colonial Williamsburg, where we had an awesome visit with friends and later drove the 18 mile 'over the ocean' Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge! They were both beautiful areas, and we enjoyed a wonderful visit with family friend Noelle and her family. They treated Gabriel and I like family and we just truly were so very blessed while there with them for 10 days. We stayed in and near the area for a month. Here are a few of our memory photos taken there:

And where am I headed now? I am currently near the PA/NY state line right on Lake Erie. My third Great Lake I have explored thus far! (Love it!) I have some great pics and memories from 2 summers ago all around Lake Michigan in WI and MN, and, also around Lake Superior in WI and MN, plus we meandered up to the Canadian border. I LOVED the Northshore Drive area of Minnesota just North of Duluth. My favorite place so far! Stunning beauty there! But back to Lake Erie, where we are currently. Following are a few memory pics of where we are now. And... This week-end we are heading to the Niagara Falls NY area for the summer! Have never been + many nearby places to explore!

So... when am I going to settle down somewhere in a little home with a white picket fence, a cozy porch and a garden? I have no idea... But I can tell you it won't be any time soon! There are still too many awesome places yet to explore and meandering is still in my blood for now! I love my life of Adventure Vandwelling!

Hope to see you down the road! Blessings for Your Journeys, Brenda
p.s. - I love feedback so please feel free to leave me a comment! :)

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Transitioning my Current Adventure Vandwelling Blog to this Blog Site.

Thanks for popping by, I am in the process of moving my blog to this blog site. In the meantime, please consider this a personal invite to visit my current blog at:

Sharing the Journey - Meandering Across the USA

Above are just a handful of the places I have been to in the last couple years. I have thousands of photo memories I have captured along the way, but thought I would give you just a tiny view point of my life of meandering across the USA. Back with more soon...